Kasra Model-CNC Machine

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Wood router machine is a kind of wood curving machines with capability of working in 3 axis or more. This machine has the ability to curve all the Wood, Teflon, Ertalon, and  other smooth products. This machine is easy to use. At first the plan of curving should be designed by a 3D designing software. then this plan should become Gcode by softwares  like Master cam or Power mille. This Gcode can be read by software. The two spindle head wood router , that is also Kasra model , can perform operations in two directions that makes it do what two machines should do and because of this ability, it can perform two different operations in one time.

Benefits of this machine:

  • Wastes  less space than two machines
  • Needs less investment than two machines
  • Needs one person to control than two
  • All the desk can be utilized by one head
  • Ability to curve be shapes (when the one head is taken in the tag end of the desk)
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